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April 26, 2007

Season 2 of Radio Free Finland comes to a close

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Hope everyone enjoyed season 2 of Radio Free Finland!! We’ll be back in the fall with all new episodes. Have a great summer!!

For those who are new to Radio Free Finland, here’s my top 3 episodes from season 2… (or check out the list of all the past shows)

Swedish journalist Henrik Arnstad discusses Finland’s secret relationship with Nazi Germany
Steven Stewart discusses Mormonism in Finland
Markku from Finland tells you everything you need to know about Finland.

And of course, don’t forget to check out YLE/FST’s special on Radio Free Finland..! :-)

February 17, 2007

Igor Polyakov of the Nordic Design Blog

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In our first Radio Free Finland under the new format, I met with Igor Polyakov of the Nordic Design Blog to discuss Nordic Design, in particular design in Finland like architecture, industrial design, interior design, clothing, glassware etc.. Enjoy!!

Download the show in high quality MP3 format at 64kbps (18.4MB – 39:24)

Igor currently owns a design studio named Hot Snow, working on various print and interface projects for leading Finnish companies. Previous positions include Art Direct at Interactive Partners Oy, UI Designer at JSOP Interactive, Art Director at ETC-WEB in France, and extensive work with Russian television stations.

February 5, 2007

Changes to Radio Free Finland

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A few big changes coming to Radio Free Finland I wanted to share with you. First off, the show will no longer be live. After one and a half years of doing a live show, it’s difficult for me to give up on this format, but there’s some very important reasons why…

– Doing a pre-recorded show will provide me with much needed flexibility in the interviews. I no longer have to conduct my interviews from my home, I can take my equipment with me and be mobile.

– Booking guests at one particular time and place each week (Mondays at 21.00 from my house) is difficult. Now we’d be able to meet at anytime, anyplace.

– The live broadcasts weren’t that popular. Thousands download each episode, but only about 10 people listen to the live show (the most we had was around 70). And I don’t blame them, it’s much easier to listen to the podcast on the way to work or something the following day.

– Recording live causes too many problems. The recording software (Pamela) and chat software (Skypecast) are just not stable enough to be trusted. I’ve already lost parts of two interviews thanks to software issues out of my control.

– Skypecast audio quality isn’t so good. Recording a one-on-one interview with Skype results in much higher sound quality.

– Just too stressful. Publishing a weekly podcast is time-consuming enough with the booking of guests, planning, recording, editing etc.. Doing a live show just created even more stress.

A couple years ago when I began planning Radio Free Finland, I envisioned a lively show full of round-table discussions and an active audience. But expecting a big audience to sit in front of the computers at a particular time every week, all with microphones in their hands, for such a niche topic like this, knowing that you can just download the podcast later and listen to it while you’re on the go…is just impossible.

So I’m a bit reluctant to end the live show, and a bit disappointed that I didn’t exactly achieve what I had envisioned, but I think these changes will really improve the show while lowering my weekly stress levels at the same time. :-) I still aim to release a show an average of once per week, but not always on Mondays. If I book a guest on a Tuesday, I can record and release the show right away instead of waiting till the following Monday. I won’t bother announcing the guest in advance, when I announce the guest I’ll already have the podcast online.

Anyways, I hope Radio Free Finland listeners aren’t too disappointed. I think these changes will really improve the show!

January 29, 2007

Radio Free Finland tonight: David Cord of

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Tonight at 21.00 (GMT +2) I’ll be joined by David Cord, Managing Director of the Investment Services division of Fundior AB, and author of the blog, He’ll be on to discuss Scandinavian finance, the Finnish economy, and a whole lot more. Be sure to tune-in tonight for the live interview!

David J. Cord worked for over eight years as a financial advisor in one of the largest asset managers in America. In America his clientele consisted of high net worth and mass affluent individuals and families. In 2005 he married a Finn and moved to Helsinki, Finland. He is now the Managing Director of the Investment Services division of Fundior AB (publ). Fundior is a financial and insurance services group based in Sweden with a presence throughout the European Economic Area. In his spare time David enjoys being with his wife Niina and dog Orion. He is a huge history buff and has long studied various aspects of the Roman Empire and ancient Scandinavia.

UPDATE: Fantastic show! We discussed the Finnish economy, taxation, retirement, saving strategies, housing costs, U.S. economic trends, and much more. Here’s the podcast…

Download the show in MP3 format at 64kbps (20.5 MB – 43:05)

January 15, 2007

Tonight on Radio Free Finland: Paul O’Mahony of Sweden’s “The Local”

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Radio Free Finland is back from Christmas break and I’ve lined up a bunch of great guests for the next five weeks – by that time Finnish election fever should be in full swing and I hope to get representatives from various political parties to come on the show. It should be an exciting first half of 2007 on Radio Free Finland!

And to kick-off the new year we’ll be joined by Paul O’Mahony is editor of the Swedish online newspaper “The Local“, and he’ll be on to discuss Swedish politics, news, and a whole lot more…

The Local was founded two and a half years ago by Paul Rapacioli. With his background in a British recruitment agency Paul had a keen eye for a gap in the market. Seeing that there was nobody providing Sweden’s news in English on a daily basis he quickly started a newsletter that grew into what is now The Local.

Paul was soon joined by James Savage, a journalist from England who had worked for the BBC before arriving in Sweden. James edits The Local and has been around since the very early days.

Paul O’Mahony joined the newspaper in September after replying to an ad The Local had put out looking for a new journalist. His job is to update the site with whatever is making the news in Sweden on a particular day. He works with the editor to pick the stories that are most likely to resonate with the newspaper’s readers.

UPDATE: Big thanks to Paul for a fun interview! We discussed The Local, the recent Swedish elections, upcoming Swedish SDP elections, immigration, unemployment, The Pirate Bay, Big Brother, what Swedes think of Finns, what Finns think of Swedes, Finnish women vs. Swedish women…I’m glad we ended it when we did cause it could have got messy.

But speaking of messy – I had some real technical difficulties this evening. First off, the Skypecast service was down, so no one could participate live. Second, the first ten minutes of the interview got cut off, so we missed where he talks about The Local which is a real shame but I’m gonna try and re-record it with Paul and splice it and pretend like it never happened. So my apologies to Paul and everyone else for that. And finally, I said “2006” not “2007”. It was a rough night. :-) And here’s the podcast..

Download the show in MP3 format at 64kbps (11.7 MB – 25:06)
Download the show in AAC+ format at 24kbps (4.4 MB – 25:06)

December 11, 2006

From Finland to Estonia to the states and back

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Great show, big thanks to Justin for spending his Sunday afternoon with us, and thanks to everyone who listened to the live show, there were a lot of you! We discussed Estonia’s progress since the fall of the Soviet Union, Bush’s recent visit to Estonia, Estonia & NATO, Estonia & EU, liberal taxation policies, immigration in Estonia, Estonians feelings towards Finns, Finns feelings towards Estonians, and a whole lot more. Here’s the podcast…

Download the show in MP3 format at 64kbps (29.1 MB – 62:25)
Download the show in AAC+ format at 24kbps (10.9 MB – 62:25)

December 10, 2006

Itching for Estonia, *Sunday* night on Radio Free Finland

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This week we’re doing Radio Free Finland live on a special Sunday night at 21:00 Finnish Time (2pm EST). We’ll be joined by Justin Petrone, author of the “Itching for Eestimaa” blog. He’ll be on to discuss Estonia, Estonians, Estonian politics, Estonia and Finland, Estonia and the states, and a whole lot more.

I first came to Estonia in 2002 via Finland. I was one of two Americans selected to participate in Finland’s Foreign Correspondents’ Programme that year, but unfortunately (for them) I met an Estonian woman and defected to the other side of the gulf when the program was over.

I lived in Estonia in 2003 and 2004 and worked mostly as a freelance journalist writing stories for The Baltic Times. In more recent years I have also published articles in Postimees – one of Estonia’s largest dailies, and Eesti Elu and Vaba Eest Sõna, which are published in Canada and the US, respectively.

Since 2004 we have lived in New York, and I currently work for a biotech trade news company. I started my blog Itching for Eestimaa in May 2005, mainly to counter Russia’s state-owned newswires which I thought were
spreading inaccurate and disingenuous information, but it has developed into a general Estonia-centered blog.

Tune-in Sunday night for the live interview, all you need is Skype to listen-in and a microphone if you wish to participate. If you don’t want to ask your questions live, you can e-mail us (info >>AT>> radiofreefinland dot net) before the show or send a text chat to us during the show, and we’ll read your comments live on the air.

December 5, 2006

Radio Free Finland interviews Henrik Arnstad this afternoon

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I’m planning on recording an impromptu interview with Swedish journalist Henrik Arnstad this afternoon, please please please send me any questions you may have for him and I’ll be sure ask them during the show.

Because I’m putting this interview together so quickly, I probably won’t be able to make this a live interview. And because his wife may go into labor at any second, there’s a chance it may not happen.

The interview is to be at 17.00 today and if all goes well, it’ll be online shortly thereafter.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Henrik for spending with some time with us this afternoon. And mega kudos to everyone who sent in questions, it was an enormous help! And here’s the podcast…

Download the show in MP3 format at 64kbps (15.7 MB – 33:37)
Download the show in AAC+ format at 24kbps (5.9 MB – 33:37)

November 27, 2006

Radio Free Finland on FST’s “Neon”

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Super dooper big thanks to Keksi for recording the show last night, encoding it to an online format, and uploading it!! So here you can watch the segment…

Download the segment in high quality
(119MB, 9:21, XViD)
Download the segment in normal quality (25MB, 9:21, XViD)

Or watch it on YouTube… (low quality)

November 26, 2006

Radio Free Finland featured on FST’s “Neon” tonight

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I’ll be FST’s “Neon” programme tonight at 20.20 for an eight minute segment on citizen journalism (you’ll need a digibox to see FST). A film crew visited my house a few weeks ago for an interview, after which they filmed me doing a podcast. The show will be discussing Finland for Thought and Radio Free Finland amongst other things.

You can find out more about the show from their website. (They spelled my last name wrong, there’s no ‘T’ in it. Grrrr….)